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  • Wow

    By La8(:
    I fell in love with this book within the first few pages. Cere is such a strong female character breaking the rules of her land of how women need to be and what they are capable of doing. This series is a must read! I love it
  • It was OK

    By The Mystic Honey Badger
    Honestly, this isn't the worst book I've read; however, it's not the best either. I did enjoy the setting, and there was a chapter from the perspective of one of the rebels that I liked. That being said, this book really needed some more editing before publication. There are some word usage errors, and the story's pacing did feel a bit rushed. Also, some things the characters did seemed illogical. I don't want to give away any spoilers, but there were several instances that really stood out to me. Overall, this wasn't a bad way to kill a few hours, but I wasn't blown away.
  • Absolutely terrible!!!

    By Marissa Willson
    Ok so I was intrigued by the title and the summary but this book was terrible! There was no flow of events in the plot, the character were all over the place, and the summary and title didn't even fit to the book. Please don't waste your time downloading this.
  • Great Book

    By MsSulli
    Awesome storyline & characters
  • Wow - this was a great read!

    By Bookworming it
    I could not get enough of Ceres' story. I could not put book one down! The feelings she had for both Rexus and Thanos was frustrating because you really wanted to root for both of them equally. Ceres is such a warrior and I did not expect some of the twists in this story. I'm already started on book 3 and I cannot get enough!!
  • Interesting but with some flaws

    By AgentRosemarrie
    I agree with one of the reviewers below that this should have gone through another round of editing. I find that the story is interesting enough, if not terribly unique (considering this story formula is very popular at present), but is still lacking in its build up and character/relationship development. There is also a huge pacing issue that detracts from the story as a whole. There are other smaller issues that were mentioned by a previous reviewer, such as the excessive fluff and repetition that detract from the story as well. Also, the mother of one of the main characters has this inexplicable hatred for her daughter and it's just unrealistic. It's true that there are mothers that aren't motherly, etc. but there's usually a deeper reason (in life and in fiction) or some sort of development that at least give you insight into the character. The reasons used here to 'supply' her hatred are weak and flimsy, so it's just very unbelievable. I will continue to read because I like it enough to want to see where it goes, but it needs improvement. I'm surprised more people haven't commented on these issues.
  • Can't wait for the 2nd book!!

    By BCH1313
    Completely hooked and love it!
  • There's a good story here

    By Abow31
    So there's a good story here, but honestly the author should be very upset with her editor. There are tons of misused words, not to mention unnecessary repetition and fluff in both dialogue and narrative that should have been cut. Most importantly so much of it is rushed and there are several places that simply don't make sense because of it. This could be taken from a quick, slightly painful read if it was carefully edited and the relationships expanded upon.
  • Of Crowns and Glory

    By 70modelfilly
    Great read! Loved it.